2011 May Hunt Test Results, May 22, 2011

NAHRA Hunt Test Qualifying Results
Falcon Ridge Upland Game Farm
Point MacKenzie, Alaska

Started Dogs

Dogs Entered: 10, Dogs Qualified: 5
Judges: Jim Ferguson & Marty Day

1. CH Skye’s Big Black Guy CD JH “Rosie”
Labrador Retriever Blk Male 09-30-2004
Handler: Joanne Hanscom
Owner: Joanne Hanscom
Breeder: Joanne Hanscom
Sire: CH Lok-Al’s Chuck Waggin
Dam: CH Orion’s Riverland Rendezvous

2. Bullitt “Bullitt”
Labrador Retriever Choc Male 10-23-2009
Handler: Elijah Blaum (Jr. Handler)
Breeder: John & Brenna Main
Owner: Adam & Christy Blaum
Sire: White Countrys Long John Silver Dam: White Country’s Arctic Silver Pearl

4. Skye’s Max a Million “Max”
Labrador Retriever Blk Male 02-06-2010
Handler: Jo Hanscom
Owner: Dennis Morner
Breeder: Joanne Hanscom/Ellen Sparks/ Susan Huntzinger
Sire: CH Skye’s Big Black Guy CD JH
Dam: Westdale Wind in the Willows

6. Wakemup Live Wire in the Wind “Risky”
Golden Retriever Gld Female 01-17-2010
Handler: Bonnie McLean
Owner: Bonnie McLean
Breeder: Beth Ericson
Sire: OTCH Mach 9 Copper Tops Live Wire
Dam: Wakemup Runs with Scissors

10. Cedarbrook Sureshot Halleys Comet “Halley”
Labrador Retriever Blk Female 01-10-2010
Handler: John Abbott
Owner: John Abbott
Breeder: Douglas Dodge
Sire: Cedarbrook Sureshot Atlas SH
Dam: OGE Black Chrome MH

Hunter Dogs

Dogs Entered: 9, Dogs Qualified: 4
Judges: Jim Ferguson & Marty Day

1. Calhouns Probie “Magee”
Golden Retriever Red Male 10-13-2008
Handler: Daryl Jones
Owner: Daryl Jones
Breeder: Tracy Calhoun
Sire: Semper Deuce Cooper
Dam: Harricana Gamine Du Lac

2. Waylons’ Little Girl “Black Betty”
Labrador Retriever Blk Female 03-03-2010
Handler: Mike Hemmer
Owner: Michael W. Hemmer
Breeder: Jeff Bye
Sire: WR HR SR Finger Lakes Ramblin Man
Dam: Midnight Ria De Negro

4. Matanuska Bailey of Meadowbrook “Bailey”
Labrador Retriever Yel Female 6-5-2008
Handler: Travis Rentz
Owner: Travis Rentz
Breeder: Dave Lennihan
Sire: Tiger Mtn’s Alaska Pistol Ball
Dam: Spooney of Seeley Lake

9. Truline Rio Arctic Creek Flyer “Lindy”
Golden Retriever Gld Male 05-22-2008
Handler: Donna Pederson
Owner: Donna & David Pederson
Breeder: C. Hay & B Lovee
Sire: Amigold Frequent Flier, SH
Dam: One Ash Truline Hey Hey Jenny

Intermediate Dogs

Dogs Entered: 3, Dogs Qualified: 2
Judges: Dwight Dial & James Sheridan

2. Susitna Riverbottom Nightmare “Sasha”
Labrador Retriever Blk Female 11-8-2008
Handler: Stephan Kester
Breeder: Woody Thurman
Owner: Sondra Leclair
Sire: Russian River Rendezvous MH
Dam: EZ’S Dream Chaser MH

3. “Whelen”
Labrador Retriever Blk Male 05-26-2006
Handler: Ben Massey
Owner: Ben Massey
Breeder: Anita Williams
Sire: Not Listed
Dam: Kota Scott’s Midnight Sun

Senior Dogs

Dogs Entered: 4, Dogs Qualified: 2
Judges: Dwight Dial & James Sheridan

1. Riveradds Whitie Two Toes “Zink” Labrador Retriever BLK Male 08-08-2008
Handler: Kody Bull
Owner: Kody Bull
Breeder: Kody Bull
Sire: MHR Abe’s Lewis River Pick
Dam: GMHR Kali’s Addagirl

2. WR HR SR Finger Lakes Ramblin Man SR “Waylon”
Labrador Retriever Blk Male 07-02-2007
Handler: Matt Arndt
Owner: Matt Arndt
Breeder: Dan Glucky
Sire: Round Lakes Show Me The Way, SH
Dam: Queen Allie of Arctic JH




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