2008 June Hunt Test Results, June 21, 2008

NAHRA Hunt Test Saturday June 21, 2008
Qualifying Dogs

Falcon Ridge Upland Game Farm
Point MacKenzie, Alaska

Started Dogs

Dogs Entered: 14, Dogs Qualified : 8
Judges: Marty Day & Jim Ferguson

#2 Finger Lakes Ramblin Man “Waylon”
Labrador Retriever Blk Male 7-2-2007
Handler: Matt Arndt
Owner: Matt Arndt
Breeder: Dan Glucky
Sire: Round Lakes Show Me The Way
Dam: Queen Allie of Arctic

#3 Marquis Emmitt Oxen Latte “ Emmitt ”
Labrador Retriever Blk Male 11-30-2002
Handler: Chris Duffy
Owner: Chris Duffy
Breeder: Tara K. Baze
Sire: CH Gressmoor’s Iron Oxen
Dam: Mocha Cafe Latte

#4 Jet Black of Big Lake “Jet”

Labrador Retriever Blk Female 9-11-2007
Handler: Dane Bandel
Owner: Dane Bandel
Breeder: Tom & Joni Simpson
Sire: FC Justin Time Mr. Moto
Dam: Riverrun’s Dream O’Dunkellin

#5 Archangel’s Black Powder River “Powder”
Labrador Retriever Blk Male 01-21-2007
Handler: Patrick Domitrovich
Owner: Patrick Domitrovich
Breeder: Sameul Lee Vest
Sire: Rosewood Kodiak Bear
Dam: Halcomb’s Lady Cocoa

#7 CH Blaze’s Firewater Chaser on Deck “Hitch”
Chesapeake Bay Retriever Brn Male 4-16-2006
Handler: Juli Hermanns
Owner: Juli Hermanns
Breeder: Gary Sorenson & Greg Hegblom
Sire: DC, AFC Bertram’s Blazing Firewater, MH
Dam: Flatland’s Tiny Dancer

#11 Mark’s Fuddy Duddy I Ain’t Yella “Duddy”
Labrador Retriever Choc Male 11-27-2006
Handler: Marcus Isbill
Owner: Marcus Isbill
Breeder: Not Listed
Sire: Dornshatten Hunting Ruger
Dam: Riley’s Red Label

#12 Chugach Hunt’um Up Sadie “Sadie”
Labrador Retriever Choc Female 11-27-2006
Handler: Cindy Estes
Owner: Cindy & Chris Estes
Breeder:Jeffrey A. Carlson
Sire: Carlson’s Tazz-Manian Devil
Dam: Chugach Warrior Princess

#13 Wind Rivers Gun For Gold ” Gunner”
Golden Retriever Gold Male 07-02-2005
Handler: Daryl Jones
Owner: Daryl Jones
Breeder: Daryl Jones
Sire: Semper Wasatch Rocky Mtn Kaimh
Dam: Christies Red Sarsaprilla

Intermediate Dogs

Dogs Entered: 4, Dogs Qualified : 3
Judges: Marty Day & Jim Ferguson

# 1 SR Yellow Gold Zoe of Birch Run ” Zoe “
Labrador Retriever Yel Female 01-20-2005
Handler: Jack Ives
Owner: Jack Ives
Breeder: Mark & Pam Butcher
Sire: Hiwood Troopers Pursuit
Dam: White Gold Sophie of Birch Run

#3 Susitna’s Tyone Teal “Ty”
Labrador Retriever Blk Female 03-06-2006
Handler: Dawn Ring
Owner: Marty & Dawn Ring
Breeder: Randy & Ester Arndt
Sire: Cosmo’s Nightrider, MH
Dam: Lake Susitna’s Teal Margarita

#4 SR Gustafer Off Liaka Rocket “Gus”
Labrador Retriever Yel Male 06-19-2004
Handler: Kim Dial
Owner: Dwight & Kim Dial
Breeder: Erika A. Gotschall & Ann L. Rothe
Sire: CH Belle Tradition Obroad Reach, MH
Dam: Like A Rocket

Senior Dogs

Dogs Entered: 7, Dogs Qualified : 4 J
udges: Mike Moody & Harry Williams

#2 MHR Tundra’s Jumpin Jack Flash “Jack”
Labrador Retriever Yel Male 04-21-2003
Handler: Dwight Dial
Owner: Dwight & Kim Dial
Breeder: James A. Glaspell
Sire: Chena River Big Mac II
Dam: Blue Moon Mizar

#3 MHR Greatland’s Flash of Brilliance “Quick”
Labrador Retriever Yel Male 01-25-2000
Handler: Randy K. Smith
Owner: Randy K. Smith
Breeder: Steven L. McVeigh
Sire: Trieven Let There Be Light
Dam: Lady Scamp of Sherwood

#4 MHR MHR Doc Holiday’s H E Storm “Storm”
Labrador Retriever Choc Male 10-31-2002
Handler: William Kent Bull
Owner: William Kent Bull
Breeder: Stanley Lemas & Michael Walsh
Sire: GMHR Bo Diddley’s Doc Holiday
Dam: H.E.’s Cutty Sark of Wilak

#5 MHR Kali’s Addagirl “Addie”
Labrador Retriever Choc Female 01-04-2002
Handler: Kody Bull
Owner: Kody Bull
Breeder: Jim Anderson
Sire: FC, AFC Whitie IV
Dam: J. A.’s Spice Girl Nikki JH


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