2010 July Test Results, Saturday July 31, 2010

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HRC Hunt Test Qualifying Results
Falcon Ridge Upland Game Farm
Point MacKenzie, Alaska

Started Dogs

Dogs Entered: 16, Dogs Qualified: 9
Judges: Bob Maloney & Troy Thacker

#1 WR, SR Gustafer Off Laika Rocket “Gus”
Labrador Retriever Yel Male 06-19-2004
Handler: Dwight Dial
Owner: Kim & Dwight Dial
Breeder: Ann L. Rothe and Erika A. Gotschall
Sire: CH Belle Tradition Obroad Reach, MH
Dam: Like A Rocket

#3 Weasley LCP Sergeant Parker “Weasley”
Labrador Retriever Male
Handler: Jeff Parker
Owner: Jeff Parker
Breeder: Not Listed
Sire: Not Listed
Dam: Not Listed

#4 The Alaskan Quail “Quail”
Golden Retriever Gld Female 08-11-2003
Handler: Daryl Jones
Owner: Daryl Jones
Breeder: Daryl Jones
Sire: Last of the Mo-Hicans, MH
Dam: Christie’s Red Sarsaprilla

#5 SR Snowy River Alaskan Hot Pepper “Pepper”
CSPKB Retriever Brn Female 08-10-2007
Handler: Tom Rosen or Jill Raes
Breeder: Colleen Donnelly Shea
Owner: Jill Raes
Sire: CH Quail Run’s Ozark Mtn. Daredevil
Dam: CH Snowy River’s Water Witcher

#6 SR Chugach Hunt’um Up Sadie “Sadie”
Labrador Retriever Choc Female 06-14-2004
Handler: Cindy Estes
Owner: Christopher & Cynthia Estes
Breeder: Jeff Carlson
Sire: Carlon’s Tazz-Manian Devil
Dam: Chugach Warrior Princess

#9 Bullitt VIII “Bullitt”
Labrador Retriever Choc Male 10-23-2009
Handler: Elijah Blaum (Junior Handler)
Owner: Adam & Christy Blaum
Breeder: John & Brenna Main
Sire: White Country’s Long John Silver
Dam: White Country’s Arctic Silver Pearl

#12 Chesaka Tate Misbehavin’ “Tate”
CSPKB Retriever Male 12-04-2007
Handler: Mary Pemberton
Owner: Mary Pemberton
Breeder: Mary Pemberton
Sire: CH Lazy Mountain Jake, SH
Dam:CH, SR Chesaka Zoe Bear

#14 Chesaka’s Sobchak Security “Walter”
CSPKB Retiever Male 12-04-2007
Handler: Richard Chavez
Owner: Richard Chavez
Breeder: Mary Pemberton
Sire: CH Lazy Mountain Jake, SH
Dam:CH, SR Chesaka Zoe Bear

#16 SHR JR’s Gunny Dog “Ermey”
Labrador Retriever Yel Male 08-19-2009
Handler: Jesse Runnalls
Owner: Jesse Runnalls
Breeder: Not Listed
Sire: Stan’s Memory Lake Mac of Alaska
Dam: Jacob’s Mountain Judy

Seasoned Dogs

Dogs Entered: 10, Dogs Qualified: 3
Judges: John Wallace & Matt Arndt

#4 Truline Rio Arctic Creek Flyer “Lindy”
Golden Retriever Gld Male 05-22-2008
Handler: Donna Pederson
Owner: Donna & David Pederson
Breeder: C. Hay & B Lovee
Sire: Amigold Frequent Flier, SH
Dam: One Ash Truline Hey Hey Jenny

# 9. SHR Good Golly Matanuska Midnight Molly “Molly”
Labrador Retriever Female 08-12-2008
Handler: Pete Probasco
Owner: Pete Probasco
Breeder: Sire: Russian River Rendezvous, MH
Dam: Twin Lakes Midnight Special

#10 Gallogold Yukon Jake “Jake”
Golden Retriever Gld Male 10-07-2008
Handler: Robert Jenkins
Owner: Robert Jenkins & Ada Ensley
Breeder: Cindy Vinzant
Sire: Rockerin Red River Ruckus
Dam: Gallogold Singular Sensation, JH

Finished Dogs

Dogs Entered: 7, Dogs Qualified: 3
Judges: John Wallace & W. Kent Bull

#1 Santa Fe’s Jumping Jake Flash “Jake”
Labrador Retriever Choc Male 11-06-2007
Handler: Baron Rea
Owner: Carol McWhorter
Breeder: Not Listed
Sire: Wing Magic’s Louisiana Roux, MH QAA

Dam: GMPR Santa Fe’s Contender Tyra, MH

#3 TTR’s Sly Maranatha “Sly”
Labrador Retriever Blk Male 11-08-2007
Handler: Baron Rea
Owner: Gary Baker
Breeder: Not Listed
Sire: HR Silver Creek’s Fire in the Sky
Dam: Candlewoods Made in the Shade



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