2010 May NAHRA Hunt Test Results, Saturday May 22, 2010

NAHRA Hunt Test Saturday May 22, 2010

Falcon Ridge Upland Game Farm
Point MacKenzie, Alaska

Started Dogs

Dogs Entered: 7 , Dogs Qualified : 6
Judges: Kent Bull & Marty Day

#1 Truline Rio Arctic Creek Flyer “Lindy”
Golden Retriever Gld Male 05-22-2008
Handler: Donna Pederson
Owner: Donna & David Pederson
Breeder: C. Hay & B Lovel
Sire: Amigold Frequent Flier, SH
Dam: One Ash Truline HeyHey Jenny

#2 Wildwood New Dawns Journey “Journey”
CSPKB Retriever DG Male 12-11-2004
Handler: Kathy Olding
Owner: Kathy Olding
Breeder: Susan Brown
Sire: Wildwoods Sundance
Dam: Fireweeds Wild Wing

#3 Zonkers Arctic Spitfire “Wiley”
Golden Retriever Gld Male 06-19-2006
Handler: Donna Pederson
Owner: Donna & David Pederson
Breeder: Karen Winter
Sire: MACH Glenbrook Striker VCD3
Dam: MACH Zonkers Texas Wildfire VCD2

#4 JR’s Gunny Dog Ermey “Ermey”
Labrador Retriever Yel Male 08-19-2009
Handler: Jesse Runnalls
Owner: Jesse Runnalls
Breeder: Not Listed
Sire: Stan’s Memory Lake Mac of Alaska
Dam: Jacob’s Mountain Judy

#5 MacAuther River Of Alaska “Mac”
Labrador Retriever Blk Male 04-27-2007
Handler: Larry Daniels
Owner: Larry Daniels
Breeder: Mark & Pam Butcher
Sire: Cosmos Night Rider, MH
Dam: White Gold Sophie of Birch Run

#6 River Runs Wild “River”
Labrador Retriever Blk Female 08-08-2008
Handler: Matt Arndt
Owner: John Safferp
Breeder: Kody Bull
Sire: MHR Abe’s Lewis River Pick
Dam: MHR Kali’s Addagirl


Hunter Dogs

Dogs Entered: 9 , Dogs Qualified : 3
Judges: Kent Bull & Marty Day

#3 Susitna Riverbottom Nightmare “Sasha”
Labrador Retriever Blk Female 11-8-2008
Handler: Stephan Kester
Owner: Sondra Leclair
Breeder: Woody Thurman
Sire: Russian River Rendezvous, MH
Dam: EZ’S Dream Chaser, MH

#7 CH, SR Chesaka Zoe’s Bruin Hilde “Hilde”
CBR Brn Female 06-12-2005
Handler: Julie Hermanns
Owner: Mary Pemberton
Breeder: Mary Pemberton
Sire: CH Lazy Moonrain Zack, JH
Dam: CH, SR Chesaka Zoe Bear

#8 SR Archangel’s Black Powder River “Powder”
Labrador Retriever Blk Male 01-21-2007
Handler: Patrick F Domitrovich
Owner: Pat and Mindi Domitrovich
Breeder: Samuel Lee Vest
Sire: Rosewood Kodiak Bear
Dam: Halcomb’s Lady Cocoa

Intermediate Dogs

Dogs Entered: 6
Dogs Qualified : 2
Judges: Dwight Dial & Tom Johnston

#1 HR, SR Marks Fuddy Duddy I Ain’t Yella “Duddy”
Labrador Retriever Choc Male 11-27-2006
Handler: Marcus Isbill
Owner: Marcus Isbill
Breeder: Not Listed
Sire: Dornshatten Hunting Ruger
Dam: Riley’s Red Label

#3 HR, SR Finger Lakes Ramblin Man, JR ” Waylon”
Labrador Retriever Blk Male 09-02-2007
Handler: Matt Arndt
Owner: Matt Arndt
Breeder: Dan Gulky
Sire: Round Lakes Show me The Way, SH
Dam: Queen Allie of Arctic, JH

Senior DogsDogs Entered: 6
Dogs Qualified : 3
Judges: Dwight Dial & Tom Johnston

 #1 Nuka Bay’s Mighty Yukon Red Gold “Yukon”
CBR Brn Male 01-05-2008
Handler: Dave Roseveare
Owner: Dave & Pam Roseveare
Breeder: Lynda Barber-Wiltse
Sire: Talilsman Pennywise Ptarmigan
Dam: CH Nuka Bay’s Independence Mine

#3 MHR Kali’s AddaGirl “Addy”
Labrador Retriever Choc Female 01-05-2004
Handler: Kody Bull
Owner: Kody Bull
Breeder: Jim Anderson
Sire: FC, AFC Whitie IV
Dam: J.A.’s Spice Girl Nikki, JH

#5 WR, CH Blaze’s Firewater Chaser on Deck “Hitch”
CSPKB Retriever Brn Male 04-16-2006
Handler: Juli Hermanns
Owner: Juli Hermanns
Breeder: Gary Sorenson & Greg Hegblom
Sire: DC AFC Bertram’s Blazing Firewater MH
Dam: Flatland’s Tiny Dancer


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