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Hello MSGDA Members and Event Participants,

This email will provide you with information on how to obtain photos of your dog, taken at the MSGDA events.  First, I would like to say “thank  you” for allowing me to photograph your amazing dogs during the MSGDA events.  Dog photography is truly my passion and capturing the dogs doing what they love to do is truly heartwarming and has enriched my life.   My ultimate goal is not to get rich with money, but rich in my heart through the spirit of each dog.  Oh, and I dream of seeing one of my images on the cover of a magazine.  Silly, I know 🙂

Many have asked “can I use the photos on my personal FB page?”.  The answer is, “yes, absolutely”.  You can share, tag, or use them as your cover photo or profile photo at no charge.  In return, I ask that you please invite your friends to “like” my page The Journey Photography by Cris.  Also, some  have asked “why don’t the photos I post look as clear as the photos posted on your page and MSGDA page.  Keep in mind, FB compresses photos that are uploaded to FB.  With this said, the best way to post the photos on your page is to either “share” the original photo from The Journey Photography page or from the MSGDA page.  You can also choose “use as my cover photo” or “use as my profile picture” directly from the original post.  If you download the photos onto your mobile device or computer and then upload to FB, the photo will be compressed for a second time, thus leading to a low quality, blurry photo.  If you would like the digital image sent directly to you for upload to social media or to save on your computer/phone for future use, please contact me and I can send it to you at no charge.

Also, many any have asked “where can I see the photos” and “where can I buy a print”.  With this said, I have uploaded each event into a gallery on my website.  Once you login into the gallery, you can order prints and wall art such as canvases,  metals and acrylics.  I have priced each item at a 25% discount off the regular pricing for all MSGDA members and participants.  All printing through the Journey Photography is done through a high quality professional print lab and I guarantee the final product.  If you are interested in a copy of the image to print at a print lab of your choice, you can purchase the “high resolution image” which comes with a print release directly from the gallery as well.  For ease, I have set the password to ALL MSGDA Galleries to be the same and will be the same for all future galleries.  The info to access the galleries is as follows:


Click on “client proofs”

Scroll through and choose the gallery of your choice and click on the gallery photo

Password for ALL MSGDA galleries is:   gundog16

I offer my time as a photographer to MSGDA as I support their efforts in the gun dog/hunting sport and the education they provide to those in the hunting community.  Also, for my love of photographing dogs!  MSGDA can use all photos to promote their organization on their FB page, website, marketing, event announcements etc. at no charge.

In addition, if at any time you would like a photo session with your dog, outside of the events, you will receive the 25% discount as a MSGDA member.  Many times I am able to get better and more personalized photos at a private session as opposed to an event.  I am able to have more freedom of my location/composition etc.   At events, I make certain my location/composition etc. is not a distraction to the dogs and handlers.   Please feel  free to email at or call 315-1791 to book a session or if you have any questions regarding the photos I have uploaded to the gallery.

Thank you again and I look forward to seeing you all at future events.




From moments of today to the memories of tomorrow…embrace the journey.

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