MSGDA Retriever Hall of Fame

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The Midnight Sun Gun Dog Association would like to recognize the following Alaska NAHRA dogs for achieving the title of Grand Master Hunting Retriever (GMHR) or Grand Master Hunting Retriever Champion (GMHRCH).  Congratulations to the dogs and owners, and congratulations on being entered into the MSGDA Retriever Hall of Fame.
* Denotes Deceased.
GMHR WR Hiwood Greta  *

“Greta’ Inducted 1995

Phil & Jan Locker

GMHR Code’s Lena of Nashville *

“Lena” Inducted 2002

Edward Bodziuch

GMHR WR Rock Too *

“Rocky” Inducted 1995

Sid Sherwood

GMHR Decoy Aurora Lynn Pruhs *

“Decoy” Inducted 2002

Dana & Deanna Pruhs

GMHR Atta Boy Redigo *

“Red” Inducted 1995

Harold & Jean Zimmerman

GMHR Scanlons Smokin Sasquatch *

“Satch” Inducted 2002

Robert Dunn

GMHR WR Ruby’s Black Rose *

“Boo” Inducted 1995

Robert Burnett

GMHR Mystic Shadow VII *

“Shadow” Inducted 2002

Harold & Jean Zimmerman

GMHR Hiwood Pacer’s Capt. Cook *

“Cook” Inducted 1995

Brian Baines

GMHR GNL Kachemaks Happy Go Lucky *

“HAP” Inducted 2002

William Sant

GMHRCH Sunny Views Alaskan Black Sugar *

“Sugar” Inducted 2000

Phil & Jan Locker

GMHR Bo Diddley’s Doc Holiday *

“Doc” Inducted 2004

Kent Bull

GMHR Bold Tigers Bo Diddley *

“Bo” Inducted 2001

Harold Zimmerman

GMHR Alexander’s Smiling Jack *

“Jack” Inducted 2004

John & Kimiko Alexander

GMHR Hiwoods Mountain Tanner *

“Tanner” Inducted 2002

Brian Baines

GMHR Copper Plated Deuces *

“Bandit” Inducted 2004

John & Kimiko Alexander

GMHR Mr Tanners Pioneer Preacher *

“Preacher” Inducted 2002

Wilton H. Davis III

GMHR Grtlnds Flash of Brilliance *

“Quick” Inducted 2006

Randy Smith

GMHR Boo’s Black Boomerang *

“Spook” Inducted 2002

Mike & Gretchen Black

GMHR Kali’s Addagirl

“Addy” Inducted 2010

Kody Bull

GMHR Gallagher’s Lady Jessica *

“Jessie” Inducted 2002

Robert Meyer

GMHR Riveradds Whitie Two Toes

“Zink” Inducted 2014

Kody Bull

GMHR Waylons’ Little Girl

“Black Betty” Inducted 2015

Mike Hemmer

 GMHR Millie Triple “D” Wetlander”Millie” Inducted 2016

Pat Clark

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