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Dear MSGDA Members,

The board of Directors would like to announce that we have once again procured a lease on the training grounds known as the square pond and surrounding area to include the swim-by training pond. While this property remains private we have full control and access to any of the grounds. As aboard we elected to do so for the main purpose of providing training grounds and opportunities for individuals and training groups to meet and train in a somewhat central location.

We offer use of this property for a one-time fee of $65.00 for use until 12/31/2020 to any current MSGDA member whose membership dues are current for the April 2020-April 2021 dues period. Which means you will need to renew in April or before to maintain privileges and have completed a Hold-Harmless agreement available on our website. Use of this property and the user fee are completely voluntary and do not impact your regular membership. Initially, we hope that a first come first serve basis will provide the necessary time for everyone to use If you provide feedback to the contrary we will have a calendar installed on the website to allow for time reservations.

Members that have signed the Hold Harmless Agreement and paid the user fee will be issued a card from MSGDA that they must show when asked. For insurance purposes, this will identify you as a user. We will ask everyone to please comply as we don’t want to police the property to become burdensome for the club. We have also established guidelines for professional trainers and any other users that may want to sub-lease on a daily basis.

You may contact a board member for more information or with any questions you may have. If you would like to take advance of this training opportunity, please renew your membership, complete the Hold-Harmless agreement and mail it along with payment to MSGDA P.O. Box 241291 Anchorage, Alaska 99524. You also now have the option to pay online, the Hold-Harmless agreement will still need to be mailed in or scanned to the MSGDA email.  Thank You, The MSGDA Board

P.O. Box 241291
Anchorage, Alaska 99524 

Thank You, The MSGDA Board

MSGDA Square Pond Rules

MSGDA Square Pond Release

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