2006 July Test Results, July 22, 2006

July 22 , 2006 – Lyon Creek, Turnagain Pass
36 dogs entered; 23 dogs passed

Started One Event

Judges: Sherry Hoover and Richard Voth
20 dogs entered; 13 dogs passed
  • ¬†Alaska Silver Lady “Gracie”-Baron ReaAubridge Aim Hi for the Sky “Yeager”-John Schloeder
  • Breakwater Catch of the Day, CDX, JH, OA, OAJ “Catcher” -Bonnie McLean
  • Canvasback’s Alaskan Koda “Koda”-Steve Satterlee
  • Classico’s Koda “Koda”-Carol McWhorter
  • Ramblin’s Jazzy Jewel “Jazz”-Bob Maloney
  • Southdown Lila Field Flicka “Tuli”-Donna Pederson
  • Talin’s Heart Act to Follow “Trip”-Linda Wiacek
  • Talin’s Heart to Be Humble “Tia”-Bill Smith
  • Wetland’s Behr Doggen “Bear”-Baron Rea
  • Wetland’s Bugs Bunny “Bunny”-Baron Rea
  • Yellow Gold Zoe of Birch Run “Zoe”-Jack Ives
  • “Bailey”-Casey Volk

Intermediate One Event

Judges: Sherry Hoover and Richard Voth
7 dogs entered; 4 dogs passed
  • Southdown Field of Dreams, JH, OA, OAJ “Kelly”-Bonnie McLean
  • Wetland’s Muddy Ruddy “Ruddy”-Baron Rea
  • Whitewater H.E. Jag Hydrophile “Brook”-Michael Baffrey
  • “Nestle”-Julie Hermann

Senior One Event

Judges: Gino Delfrate and John Johnson
9 dogs entered; 6 dogs passed
  • MHR Abe’s Lewis River Pick “River”-Mike Moody
  • Coco Girl IV “Coco”-Paula Ferguson
  • Doc Holiday’s H.E. Storm “Storm”-Wm. Kent Bull
  • Tiger Mountain Sage “Sage”-Brad Hanson
  • MHR Timberline Gunner “Gunner”-Kevin Kehoe
  • Tundra’s Jumpin Jack Flash “Jack”-Dwight Dial


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