2012 May Field Test Report, Saturday May 19, 2012

Saturday May 19, 2012
Started 1
Judges Matt Arndt & Gino Delfrate
Dogs Entered: 6
Dogs Qualified:  4
3. Boomer Moose Strickland “Boomer”
Labrador Retriever Yly Male09-17-2008
Handler:  Stephen Strickland
Owner:  Kimberly Strickland
Breeder:  Larry Golden
Sire:  Stonelane Ruff Diamond
Dam:  Long Acres Treasure Sundae
4.   Jr’s Gunny Dog “Ermey”
Labrador Retriever Ylw Male 8-19-2009
Handler:  Jesse Runnalls
Owner:  Jesse Runnalls
Sire:  Stan’s Memory Lake Mac of Alaska
Dam:  Jacobs Mountain Judy
5.   Double Dutch Luce Di Bella Luna “Lucca”
Labrador Retriever Black Male 03-09-2008
Handler:  Roseanne Munafo
Owner:  Roseanne Munafo
Breeder: J & R Hilgendorf & E.C. Cristafulli
Sire:  CH Hyspire Fhahli Hotter than Blazes
Dam:  CH Double Dutch Garden Party
7.   Gr8lnds Drama Queen   “Drama”
Labrador Retriever  Choc  Female   09-03-2009
Handler: Cyndi Gardner
Owner: Cyndi Gardner
Breeder: Steven McVeigh
Sire: FC AFC Hunters Edge Willy Break
Dam: Gr8lands Galic Warrior Princess Keena
 Saturday May 19, 2012
Judges Matt Arndt & Gino Delfrate
Dogs Entered:  8
Dogs Qualified:  2
4.  Woodlabs Little Miss Sunshine “Sunny”
Labrador Retriever Ylw Male      01-24-2011
Handler:  Krag Johnsen
Owner:  Krag Johnson
Breeder:  Michael Boulais
Sire: Cresthill Confederate Thomas MH
Dam: Woodlabs Sweet Tallulah MH
6.  Nitro Price “Nitro”
Labrador Retriever Choc Male 09-11-2009
Handler:  Lori Price
Owner:  Lori & Travis Price
Breeder:  Trinity Labrador Retrievers
Sire: HRCH Trinity’s Riptide Ryder
Dam: Trinity’s Heaven Bound
Saturday May 19, 2012
Intermediate I
Marty Day & Julie Hermans
Dogs Entered:  6
Dogs Qualified:  3
3. Waylons’ Little Girl “Black Betty”
Labrador Retriever Blk Female 03-03-2010
Handler:  Mike Hemmer
Owner:  Michael W. Hemmer
Breeder:  Jeff Bye
Sire:  Finger Lakes Ramblin Man
Dam:  Midnight Ria De Negro
4. Mach2 Southdown Field of Dreams “Kelly”
Golden Retriever gld Female 09-25-2003
Handler:  Bonnie Mclean
Owner:  Bonnie Mclean
Breeder:  Gwen Haynes
Sire:  AFC Emberain Rugby
Dam:  Mystic Trosnest Sirius Catry
5.       “Guage”
Golden Retriever gld Male 07-18-2009
Handler:  Michael E Torborg
Owner:  Michael E Torborg
Saturday May 19, 2012
Senior I
Marty Day & Julie Hermans
Dogs Entered:  3
Dogs Qualified: 2
2. Chugach’s Katmai Tazlina SH “Tazzy”
CSPKB Retriever Female 01-11-2006
Handler:  Michael Vogel
Owner:  Michael Vogel
Breeder:  Michael Vogel
Sire:  Tutka’s Tundra Decked Terror MH
Dam:  CH Katmai Chugach Splendor MH
Labrador Retriever   BLK  Male 08-08-2008
Handler: Kody Bull
Owner:  Kody Bull
Breeder:  Kody Bull
Sire: MHR Abe’s Lewis River Pick
Dam: GMHR Kali’s Addagirl

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