MSGDA President’s Message

Dear Hunting Dog Enthusiast,

The Midnight Sun Gun Dog Association (MSGDA) is a gun dog club dedicated to sportsmen and women, their families and their hunting companions. MSGDA is a local non-profit organization that is a member of The North American Hunting Retriever Association (NAHRA).

Belonging to MSGDA is a great way to meet people who love hunting dogs and love to hunt; to share training techniques and tips with other members while enjoying the great Alaska outdoors; and to spend time with your favorite hunting companion. Whether you are new to retriever training or an old hand at it, MSGDA has something to offer to everyone.

 Many sportsmen and women have never had the opportunity to observe good hunting dogs work, and therefore do not know the potential of their own hunting dogs. MSGDA give Alaskan hunters a structure to learn training techniques and methods for accurately evaluating their dog’s hunting abilities. Our club provides informal events and formal hunt tests to demonstrate and record their dog’s working accomplishments. Dogs do not compete against each other during a hunt test, instead they are judged on a pass/fail hunting standard.

 MSGDA provides these opportunities by regularly sponsoring picnic events, hunt tests and educational events. These events are open to the public.

 This year, for the first time, MSGDA will host the NAHRA Invitational national event, as well as our usual fun hunts and NAHRA licensed field tests. Additionally, MSGDA will hold its annual auction & banquet in Eagle River.

Our website will have all the dates and information needed about these and all other events. Our website lists the email addresses and telephone numbers of our board members. Please feel free to contact any of these individuals for more information about our events or membership.

 Kody Bull

 MSGDA President



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