2012 July Test Results, Sunday July 15, 2012

July 2012 Test Results, Sunday July 15, 2012
Started II
Judges Harry Williams & Kody Bull
Dogs Entered 8
Dogs Qualified 4
3. Springvale’s Trail Blazing Bully  “Pisten”
NSDTR  Red & White  Male 12-18-2010
Handler:  Rebecca Pauli
Owner:  Matthew & Rebecca Pauli
Breeder:  Sue Dorscheid
Sire:  Vermillion’s Twist’n Torque
Dam:  Springvale’s Boomerang Betty
4. Wakemup Live Wire in the Wind  “Risky”
Golden Retriever gld  Female 01-17-2010
Handler:  Bonnie Mclean
Owner:  Bonnie Mclean
Breeder:  Beth Ericson
Sire:  OTCH Mach 9 Copper Tops Live Wire
Dam:  Wakemup Runs with Scissors
7. Chienak’s Bisous “Bisous”
Labrador Retriever Choc  Female 04-25-2011
Handler:  Christy or Adam Blaum
Owner:  Christy and Adam Blaum
Breeder:  Roy Redifer
Sire:  Doc Holilday’s HE Storm
Dam:  Gator Points No Big Teal MH
8. Sadie May Holiday’s Point “Sadie”
Labrador Retriever Choc Female 04-25-2011
Handler:  Chuck Blaney
Owner:  Chuck Blaney
Breeder:  Roy Redifer
Sire:  Doc Holilday’s HE Storm
Dam:  Gator Points No Big Teal MH
Sunday July 15, 2012
Judges Harry Williams and Kody Bull
Dogs Entered 3
Dogs Qualified 3
1.  Nitro Price “Nitro”
Labrador Retriever Choc Male 09-11-2009
Handler:  Lori Price
Owner:  Lori & Travis Price
Breeder:  Trinity Labrador Retrievers
Sire: HRCH Trinity’s Riptide Ryder
Dam: Trinity’s Heaven Bound
2. Cedarbrooks Sureshot Haileys Comet “Hailey”
Labrador Retriever Blk  Female 01-10-2010
Handler:  John Abbott
Owner:  John Abbott
Breeder:  Douglas Dodge
Sire:  Cedarbrook Sureshot Atlas SH
Dam:  OGE Black Chrome MH
3. Jr’s Gunny Dog “Ermey”
Labrador Retriever Ylw Male 08-19-2009
Handler:  Jesse Runnalls
Owner:  Jesse Runnalls
Breeder:  NA
Sire:  Stan’s Memory Lake Mac of Alaska
Dam:  Jacobs Mountain Judy
Sunday July 15, 2012
Intermediate II
Judges Kent Bull and Julie Hermans
Dogs Entered 5
Dogs Qualified 1
1. Big Bend Cooper “Cooper” 
Golden Retriever Gld Male 10-21-2006
Handler:  Patrick McKay
Owner:  Patrick McKay
Breeder:  Cynthia & Rick Pyle
Sire:  Tangelo’s Rugtime Cowboy Joe MH
Dam:  Sophalene’s Teeka Girl
Sunday July 15, 2012
Senior II
Judges Kent Bull and Julie Hermans
Dogs Entered 8
Dogs Qualified 4
1. Chugach’s Katmai Tazlina SH “Tazzy”
CSPKB Retriever  Female 01-11-2006
Handler:  Michael Vogel
Owner:  Michael Vogel
Breeder:  Michael Vogel
Sire:  Tutka’s Tundra Decked Terror MH
Dam:  CH Katmai Chugach Splendor MH
3. GalloGold Yukon Jake “Jake”
Golden Retriever Gldn Male 10-7-2008
Handler:  Robert Jenkins
Breeder:  Cindy Vinzant
Owner:  Robert Jenkins & Ada Ensley
Sire:  Rockerin Red River Ruckus
Dam:  GalloGold Singular Sensation JH
7.  Millie Triple “D” Wetlander MH  “Millie”
Labrador Retriever Blk Female 12-01-2008
Handler:  Patrick Clark
Owner:  Patrick Clark
Breeder:  Jim Portch
Sire:  Shoemaker’s Radiator MH
Dam:  Northwinds Sassy Little Girl
8. WRSusitna Riverbottom Nightmare “Sasha”
Labrador Retriever Blk Female  11-8-2008
Handler:  Stephan Kester
Breeder:  Woody Thurman
Owner:  Sondra Leclair
Sire:  Russian River Rendezvous MH
Dam:  EZ’S Dream Chaser MH


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