2015 NAHRA Titles Confirmed to:
Started Retriever (SR)

Skimodo Bullseye’s Revenge “Skimo”

Artic Sun’s Pursuing the Dream “Austin”

BackCountry’s Redi 4 Devils Canyon “Redi”

Skye’s Both Sides the Tweed “Lily”

Skye’s When Pipers Play “Piper”

Ranger Hathcock Stauffer “Ranger”

Touched By the Sun’s Summer Breeze “Summer”

Katie from Alaska “Katie”

Sage’s Alaskan Parker “Parker”

BackCountry’s Highest Peake “Summit”

Quail Run’s One And Only Norah “Norah”


Hunting Retriever (HR)

Tundra’s Broad Reach Arctic Blast “Tug”

Skimodo Bullseye’s Revenge “Skimo”

Zaniri’s Meadow Lakes Majestic “Kate”

Skye’s CaperCaillie Criostal “Criostal”


Grand Master Hunting Retreiver (GMHR)

Waylons’ Little Girl “Black Betty”


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