Muskox Tags at the MSGDA Annual Banquet & Auction!

MSGDA is pleased to announce that it has renewed their cooperative agreement with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for the purpose of fundraising through the auction sale of Governor’s big game permits issued by ADF&G at our annual banquet and fundraising auction.

MSGDA has been awarded two permits to sell at the auction. The first is a Muskox tag DX001 or DX003 on Nunivak Island in GMU 18, DX001 permit date that this permit allows you to hunt is September 1, 2017 through September 30, 2017. TheDX003 permit date that this permit allows you to hunt is February 1, 2018 through March 15, 2018. Both permits are for one Bull Muskox. The permits may be purchased by a resident or nonresident. The purchase price of the permit will also include a complimentary hunting license.

The second permit will be for Moose DM 823-830 in the Koyukuk Controlled Use Area of GMU 21D and 24. The tag which will be granted will depend on the winner of the auction and it is open to residents and non-residents with the option of guided or unguided hunts by non-residents. DM 828 permit is for residents for any bull with season dates of September 5, 2017 through September 14, 2017. The DM 830 permit is for residents for any bull September 16-25th. DM 827 permit is for non-guided non-residents September 5-14, 2017 and the DM 829 is for non-guided non-residents September 16-25th 2017. The DM 823 is for a non-resident guided September 5-14, 2017 and the DM 825 non- resident guided September 16-25th, 2017. All of the non-resident permits are for one bull with the 50 inch or 4 brow tine restrictions. The permits will also include a complimentary hunting license issued by ADF&G. Please refer to the Draw hunt supplement on the ADF&G website for further information regarding permit areas, dates and restrictions.

The MSGDA auction May 6, 2017 at the Eagle River Lions Club will be the place of bidding and purchase of the permits. Out of state bidders are strongly encouraged. They may bid by phone or by proxy. The permits may not be sold or exchanged for anything of value. However, the winner of the auctions will have five days to designate another individual to whom the permit shall be issued.

The proceeds from the sale of the Governor’s permits will be split between MSGDA and the ADF&G with all proceeds shared with ADF&G to be dedicated to the ADF&G Kachemak Bay Harlequin duck research project. This project includes banding and shoreline surveys and possibly the use of geo locaters to collect biological data in order to better understand the habits and movements of sea ducks in general.

In order for this program to be successful we need the help of all members to spread the word about the availability of the permits at our upcoming banquet. The availability of the non-resident permits for the Koyukuk moose is a rare opportunity to get the permit of a lifetime for a non-resident as there are only 2-3 permits issued per year through the random draw system. Please let everyone you know, about this opportunity, as it may not come around for a number of years as the permits awarded to MSGDA from year to year will vary.

Questions regarding any of the above information may be directed to Matt Arndt 907-229-5344 or

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