Square Pond Update

https://msgda.org/msgda-square-pond/ The board of Directors would like to announce that we have once again procured a lease on the training grounds known as the square pond and surrounding area to include the swim-by training pond. While this property remains private we have full control and access to and of the grounds. As aboard we elected to do so for the main purpose of providing training grounds and opportunities for individuals and training groups to meet and train in a somewhat central location.

2019 Banquet Scheduled

MSGDA is happy to announce that our 2019 annual banquet and fundraiser will be held Saturday April 27, 2019 at the Lions club in Eagle River.  This event promises to be another great evening full of prizes, auctions, and raffles.  Sign up today to get into our early bird raffle for a shotgun.

2019 Eye Clinic

The Working Group Dog Club of Alaska/Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Alaska are gearing up for our 10th year of being able to support the dog community for Eye Clearance.  We have been able to do this from your continued support over the years.  Keep in mind we bring Dr. Paul Scherlie up from out of state and have to pay all expenses associated since we do not have a full-time dog ophthalmologist in Alaska. We count on your continued support and without you, this clinic would not happen.

***If you need to get in due to your dog has an eye injury or problem, remember this is only with your Vet’s recommendation and only with prior approval from Dr. Scherlie in talking with your vet, can we accept.  Those appointments will be in the late afternoon.  Please see form for more information or contact us below.***

Please see attached forms with instructions and information on the Eye Clearance Clinic. WGDCA BMD 2019 Eye Cerf Registration

Dr. Paul Scherlie will be providing his services on 9-10, February 2019.  

Saturday, 9 February will be in Wasilla, Diana’s Place 

Sunday, 10 Feb will be in Anchorage at The Pet Stop.

You can use Credit Cards if you go through Pay Pal!  You will need to go to www.WGDCA.org and follow the link.  You will find a drop-down menu for the number of dogs with the fee.  If using Pay Pal, You will still have to send your registration form either through email via a scan pdf, jpg or regular mail.

We realize for those of you who have 6 or more dogs, we don’t check registrations to see who owns the dog(s).  So this may be of some benefit for you.

Since I only use email for tracking capability, please do not use FB or Messenger for this.  It just does not work for me.  Also if you know of someone that I may not have sent this to, please feel free to forward or let me know and I can send it to them.  Some of you belong to Specialty Clubs so if you can post this or send to your membership as I do not have that information. 

We look forward to hearing from you and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact us below:

Sue Striebich – 947-4838 or striebich@aol.com

Annie Sundquist – 345-7920 or ak_shortstory@hotmail.com